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Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Testing Machine

SSS make TNE series machines are electronic screw driven machines with precision screw and column construction and variable speed drive. These are high precision, high performance universal testing machines, maximum capacity up to 100 kN. With the help to computer and micro-computer, all the operations from control of load to processing of data are carried out with excellent performance, reliability, flexibility and easy operation.

The machines are suitable for studying mechanical behavior of various materials like iron and metals, rubbers, plastics, ceramics, fabrics, composites, cables and wires. As a matter of fact, it is an indispensable instrument for the modern industries. Two options are available mainly acme threaded screw with DC motor drive and ball lead screw with servo drive. The machines confirm to IS, BS & ASTM standards.

Machine Features :

  • Computer controlled mechanism under windows 2000/XP
  • Variable speed drive with DC / AC servo drive options.
  • Automatic identification and interchangeability of load cells.
  • Different clamping devices to suit specific test requirement.
  • Safety interlock by end limit switches and by overload sensing.

TNE Series : Depending upon test requirements and budget, TNE series machines are available with following options.

DRIVE - DD : DC motor with thyrister drive to give speed ratio of 1:10 as standard and 1:100 as optional.

DRIVE - SD : Servo motor & PWM drive to give speed ratio of 1:1000.

Economical Models : These machines are with a rigid, stable structure with high stiffness, two columns and a single screw. Machine uses three phase induction motor with fixed speed as standard. A variable speed drive is available as option.

Load Cells :
Universal load cells of following capacities are available. - 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N. 1kN, 2.5kN, 5kN, 10kN, 25kN, 50kN, 100kN. Any other load cell as per requirement.

Grips and Clamping Device :

  • Wedge type grips for flat / round specimen.
  • Compression plate.
  • Special grips as per requirement.
  • Vise type grips.
  • Bending fixture.
  • Shear attachment.


Power Electric
Power supply 220v 50/60HZ
Speed Range 0.1-500mm/min (adjustable )
Warranty 18 Months